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Overstreet Matthew Jonas


July 12th, 2023
A former youth ministry director has been sentenced to seven years’ deferred adjudication probation after pleading guilty to a charge of sexual assault of a child. Matthew Jonas Overstreet, 26, of Plano must also pay a $7,500 fine. If he completes his probation, a felony conviction will not appear on his record.

July 12th, 2023
"According to documents released by the Plano Police Department, the girl was 13 when she left the church. At that time, Overstreet began to make sexual remarks to her via Facebook and through text messages. Then in December 2009, Overstreet went to the girl's house and sexually assaulted her. At the time of the assault, he was 25 and the victim was 15." "Even if the girl who came forward verbally consented to the act, the state of Texas protects any person under age 17 from sexual assault by someone who intentionally or knowingly commits the act with a...

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